Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

New Year, UGADI – Karanataka’s new year, CVC announces UVM 1.2 Day

To all the UVM enthusiasts around the world, a very happy UGADI  from TeamCVC We are excited to announce the “UVM 1.2 Day” detailed agenda. It is a full community contributed technical event with absolutely no sponsorship – to keep it focused on key UVM 1.2 features, changes, risks and looking beyond. We also have few universities participating and sharing their investment in this technology. It is an invite-only attendance event, scheduled for Apr 2nd 2014 at IBIS Hotel, Bellandur, Bangalore. UVM_1.2_Day_Agenda. If you have been invited, make sure you confirm your presence via RSVP to


See you at UVM 1.2 Day!


Mar 19

Some myths around UVM & SVA

We at CVC deal with all sorts of verification technologies, languages, standards and tools. It is interesting to see time and again how easy it is (especially for junior engineers) to get bogged down with the complexity of language/methodology and loose the big picture of “end-goal” – i.e. deliver a high quality design by verifying it thoroughly.


During our regular UVM and SVA training sessions ( we often hear few myths and we clarify them as much as we can to our attendees. Now we thought why not extend that clarity and open up that discussion for a wider audience, even those non-paying customers across the world? (We consider them to be little unfortunate not to be able to discuss these face-to-face, better luck next time!)


Here are some of those myths:

  • SVAs can’t be used with UVM env
  • SVAs are not for verification engineers
  • UVM – Way too complex for simple stuff
  • UVM – not for RTL designers/simple SV-Testbench folks
  • UVM & SVA don’t go hand-in-hand in same team/project/env
Do you buy into these? Please do comment here. We will show our responses in follow-up posts, so stay tuned!



Hello world!

Welcome to Go2UVM – your most dependable Verification support desk. This site is dedicated to all those verification engineers across the world and equally to those aspiring to be in this exciting field (students, research scholars et al.).

This site is being developed by TeamCVC along with active participation of various partners across the globe. You can easily contribute by submitting a query at the forum or make request for some code etc.



If you wonder why we are doing this from CVC, here is one of our (Srini & Ajeetha) beloved quotes from the famous THIRUKKURAL



To re-emphasize our intent of this site, in plain, simple words “We love teaching UVM at CVC and we like to see it grow more and be used more”.

Submitted on the very happy day of HOLI (Mar 17th, 2014)