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Jan 17

Verification “Hackathon” – Verilog/SystemVerilog/UVM

Verification “Hackathon” – Verilog/SystemVerilog/UVM

Are you a die-hard Verification fan? Are you looking to improve on your UVM skills in a real “bug hunting” event?  buy Lyrica australia, a new venture from cheap Lyrica australia is pleased to announce a new session of our popular “Verification Hackathon” – use Verilog/SystemVerilog/UVM.

 As part of the Go2UVM initiative we are making every attempt to assist real engineers do real work to get going with the industry’s most popular, advanced Functional Verification framework – UVM.

When: 23-Jan-2015, Friday,10.00 AM onwards (till evening)

Where: CVC office, Bengaluru  Address: buy Lyrica online australia

Register at: can you buy Lyrica at walmart

Cost:  FREE* if no feedback/analysis is requested. 

       Rs. 500 /– if you need feedback and analysis on how you performed (Analysis, detailed code review will be provided by our experts team)

All Attendees will have the option of buying the best selling SVA book at 10% discount, see: cheap beer lyrics

Hurry, limited seating, first-come-first-serve basis

Register at: can you buy Lyrica at walmart


• Introduction

• Problem statement (Specification along with RTL)

• Code-it, “hack-it” – find those “Design errors/bugs” lurking around the “Encrypted RTL”

• Feedback, analysis for paid contestants


• Date: 23-Jan-2015, Friday

• Time: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

• Venue: CVC, Bengaluru

• Address: buy Lyrica canada

Register at: can you buy Lyrica at walmart



Coming from BTM/Silkboard towards Marathalli.

• Hit Agara circle bus stop

• Take next right turn – that’s 27th Main

Coming from Marathalli.

• Take outer ring road towards Silkboard.

• At Agara junction, turn left to 27th Main

On 27th Main:

• On 27th main there is a petrol bunk on right side. Continue on the same road

• On your left is ICICI Bank

• LIBERTY showroom and then a

• SANGEETHA Mobile outlet

• CVC is in 2nd floor, above Sangeetha outlet

• 1st floor is CLEOS beauty Parlor.

Register at: can you buy Lyrica at walmart

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