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May 10

Behind-the-scenes view of Go2UVM package – with images

With the recent release of Go2UVM package version 2016.04 buy Lyrica australia attracting more interest in the community, our team is glad to release some of the “behind-the-scenes” picture of how this simple-yet-convenient package works on top of standard UVM.

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These screenshots were generated using Aldec’s Riviera-PRO simulator and its various UVM specific debug features.

Showing all the classes behind the scene via Riviera’s class browser:


Handy, schematic view of UVM – what Aldec calls as “UVM Graph” – as you can see, we cut through all complexities and add only one layer to get started with UVM – truly let’s GO to UVM!


A more powerful, UVM Toolbox view of Riviera-PRO reveals more details of this Go2UVM package:


Last but not the least – here is the source view – stay tuned, we are adding a generator to automate this source code generation with Aldec’s Riviera-PRO shortly.


For more on Aldec’s UVM debug capabilities, read our partner blog @ cheap beer lyrics

And you can download the 2016.04 release of Go2UVM from buy me a boat lyrics:

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