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“Practical UVM” – new book now available!

A new book titled “Practical UVM” is now available on buy Lyrica online ireland. The author is buy Lyrical dance costumes online, Principal Engineer, Synopsys, USA. He is also currently serving as co-chair TPC DV track at DVCon India.With quotes from Janick @Synopsys and Srini @CVC this book is definitely worth a deep look for all UVM enthusiasts.

buy Lyrica australia

In this book, you will find step-by-step instructions, coding guidelines, debugging features of UVM explained clearly using examples.The book covers the changes from UVM-1.1d to UVM 1.2 and also the changes between the 1.2 version and the upcoming IEEE 1800.2 UVM standard.

cheap Lyrica australia

As a seasoned engineer and co-author of DV books myself, I was impressed when I reviewed this book to find several interesting differences between how Srivatsa approaches the problem of UVM adoption and the way I have been doing it for my customers.  In helping him get this book in its current form, I have learned a lot and I think Practical UVM addresses several shortcomings of existing books in this topic which makes it a great reference for all DV engineers using UVM.

Efforts are ON to bring out an Indian edition of this book shortly, so stay tuned!

buy Lyrica online australia