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Aug 05

“Practical UVM” – new book now available!

A new book titled “Practical UVM” is now available on buy Lyrica australia. The author is cheap Lyrica australia, Principal Engineer, Synopsys, USA. He is also currently serving as co-chair TPC DV track at DVCon India.With quotes from Janick @Synopsys and Srini @CVC this book is definitely worth a deep look for all UVM enthusiasts.

buy Lyrica online australia

In this book, you will find step-by-step instructions, coding guidelines, debugging features of UVM explained clearly using examples.The book covers the changes from UVM-1.1d to UVM 1.2 and also the changes between the 1.2 version and the upcoming IEEE 1800.2 UVM standard.

can you buy Lyrica at walmart

As a seasoned engineer and co-author of DV books myself, I was impressed when I reviewed this book to find several interesting differences between how Srivatsa approaches the problem of UVM adoption and the way I have been doing it for my customers.  In helping him get this book in its current form, I have learned a lot and I think Practical UVM addresses several shortcomings of existing books in this topic which makes it a great reference for all DV engineers using UVM.

Efforts are ON to bring out an Indian edition of this book shortly, so stay tuned!

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