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Generic Makefile for UVM simulations

Given the widespread usage of UVM across the globe, many first timers to UVM find it hard to remember all relevant options to their favourite simulator to get going with UVM. Our Go2UVM approach is addressing this very issue via a generic Makefile. Given most of the VLSI engineers are familiar with Makefile use model, we provide a free to use (even for commercial deployment) Makefile here:

2.4 KiB
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So how does this work?

  1. Create a text file named “flist” that contains names (and paths as necessary) of all the design and Testbench files.
  2. Choose your favourite simulator – Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor or Aldec – we support all of them in single Makefile.
  3. On a terminal type: make cvc2_gui TOP=my_chip_uvm_tb_top TEST=my_uvm_test

That’s it!

Here are different EDA tool supported along with our Makefile target names: